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We were very pleased with the auction! My dad, Homer, always said, “When something happens here—call Joel.” He was right. Have a wonderful New Year with your family. God Bless!

You really helped out and provided a good service when we needed it. I’ve gone to many auctions in my life and I recognize a good auctioneer when I see one. You are a good one.

Thank you for sharing your auctioneering gift with the residents of Fairmont Homes at our Annual Benefit Auction & BBQ in September. You helped to make this year’s auction the best auction ever! Thank you! Blessings

My parents estate seemed an impossible task due to decades of hoarding of tools and collectables but with Joel's expertise and experience, the entire ordeal went without a hitch. Every detail was covered above and beyond what was expected. His team was a blessing for our family's needs.

Joel's calm manner and assurance helped us to get through the nerve-wracking experience of selling a home. He prepared us with a realistic view of how things might go (or not go), took care of advertising (lots of people came to look), and coached us through discussions with prospective buyers. The arrangement was good for us, because we were accustomed to being involved (e.g. we ran our own open house), yet were able to rely on Joel's expertise for the sale. I would highly recommend Joel as an auctioneer.

With the passing of our 92 year old mother, our family was faced with the difficult task of selling all of the household goods, antiques, collectibles, appliances and tools, accumulated by our parents over a 65 year period. After meeting with three local auctioneers, we were immediately drawn to Joel for several reasons, first off his willingness to contribute hours of sorting through, cataloging and strategic placement of the mountains of goods mom had accumulated, secondly he sought assistance for some specific items to check and verify the values where he may have had some doubt, and lastly Joel provided timely and valuable advice to our family regarding maximizing our income from the sale of the goods. These extraordinary efforts by Mr. Heisey resulted in a very efficiently run auction, which generated much higher bottom line results than what we had all expected. As a result of these efforts, I highly recommend Joel and his staff for your upcoming auction as they will consistently perform to the highest standards in efficiency and trustworthiness. Thanks to you Joel and your Staff