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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Common Auction Questions

What are the advantages of selling my Real Estate at Auction?

1. Our Real Estate Auctions have a clear set of terms and conditions that very beneficial to the seller Allowing you to determine the timeline for the Auction and Settlement and making the 2% transfer tax the responsibility of the buyer.

2. Auctions are non-contingent Sales, giving you the advantage of selling “as is”

3. A Real Estate Auction Creates excitement for your property. We maximize exposure through numerous marketing strategies including MLS, Zillow, electronic and paper media, plus Broker participation.

4. Each property is unique! Contact us to discuss a proven method with the creative approach that your property deserves.

Can you sell my Real Estate at no cost?

We would be glad to discuss this option with you to determine when we believe that it is a benefit to you and when it may not be advisable.

I need to schedule a Machinery Auction, what is my next step?

Give us a call to set up an appointment for a free consultation. We provide auctioning services that will expose your equipment to a large base of online and onsite bidders. We have agriculture and construction experience that will be a benefit to you!

We have a business to liquidate, is an auction my best option?

We have a proven track record of liquidating a large variety of businesses at auction. We will be innovative in our approach, and we will put our years of experience to work in order to maximize the return on your years of labor.

We have an Estate that needs settled and don’t know where to start. What should I do?

Please give us a call to determine what is best for your family. Should items be sold online, onsite or simulcast? We thrive on estate sales and will be glad to answer your questions and help you navigate the auction process.


Dean and Barb Zimmerman

My parents estate seemed an impossible task due to decades of hoarding of tools and collectables but with Joel's expertise and experience, the entire ordeal went without a hitch. Every detail was covered above and beyond what was expected. His team was a blessing for our family's needs.

Steve Homyack Jr. (QDMA)

You really helped out and provided a good service when we needed it. I’ve gone to many auctions in my life and I recognize a good auctioneer when I see one. You are a good one.

Katie Grisbacher

Joel's calm manner and assurance helped us to get through the nerve-wracking experience of selling a home. He prepared us with a realistic view of how things might go (or not go), took care of advertising (lots of people came to look), and coached us through discussions with prospective buyers.