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Farm Equipment Auctions

We are an on-site auction company specializing in Farm Equipment Auctions in Lebanon PA. If you are considering having a farm equipment auction, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to meet with you and discuss your needs.

The Best Way to sell Used machinery

A farm equipment auction is the best way to sell machinery that you no longer use or need. If you are a farmer, we realize that your farm equipment is a large part of your capitol investment. When the time has come to sell, let us plan an upcoming farm equipment auction that will have bidders competing for your equipment. We will help you achieve a successful farm auction by serving you from start to finish. We look forward to meeting and serving you. If you have any questions regarding our auction services, please contact us. We’re Sold On Serving You!

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We Take Care Of Everything

You can expect us to put our years of experience to work for you. We believe in using time tested and new methods of marketing. Advertising will be effective and cost effective. It is our experience that well-organized and properly promoted farm equipment auctions are successful. We will assist you with sorting and set up, and advertise your auction with electronic and paper media.

We use professional signage, color brochures, and advertise in local and national publications when merited. Your auction will also be published on several web sites with many photos for potential buyers to view. Give us a call. We will be glad to visit with you and begin the process of a successful farm equipment auction!

Advertising Examples

Below are some samples of the Public Auction ads and brochures we provide to advertise our clients' upcoming Farm Equipment Auctions.


Dean and Barb Zimmerman

My parents estate seemed an impossible task due to decades of hoarding of tools and collectables but with Joel's expertise and experience, the entire ordeal went without a hitch. Every detail was covered above and beyond what was expected. His team was a blessing for our family's needs.

Steve Homyack Jr. (QDMA)

You really helped out and provided a good service when we needed it. I’ve gone to many auctions in my life and I recognize a good auctioneer when I see one. You are a good one.

Katie Grisbacher

Joel's calm manner and assurance helped us to get through the nerve-wracking experience of selling a home. He prepared us with a realistic view of how things might go (or not go), took care of advertising (lots of people came to look), and coached us through discussions with prospective buyers.

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